List Your Item For Auction on Iron Age Auctions


This is the most common question we get. We list items that are interesting to the market by scoring them on the criteria of Rarity, Uniqueness, Market, Mileage, and Condition. This means that fairly common vehicles of exceptional condition and low mileage can be shown alongside a very rare ones of deplorable condition.


To expedite the process, we ask that you have the following information ready where applicable:

  • 2 Glamour Shots of the Item
  • A Picture of the Title
  • A Picture of the VIN
  • A Picture of the Odometer
  • A Picture of your ID or Passport
  • A Car Fax report


What Does A Listing Cost?

Depending on your package, the cost to list an item ranges from $99 to $300.  That’s it!   Learn More Here

Standard Listing  –  $99
A personalized listing with a 7 day auction.

Media Blitz   –         $200
To bring more potential buyers to your listing, the Media Blitz actively pushes your listing to social media and online outlets.

King Ranch –          $300
Our top of the line package also adds Featured Listing placement on Iron Age and provides the seller optimal auction timing.

What Are The Criteria For Listing?

An item that is desirable or interesting to the market.
Great pictures that show the good, the bad, and the ugly.
A vehicle that has no issues being dropped in the buyer’s lap.
Lots of information and documentation.
Basically, a seller ready to sell.

Why Is Iron Age Better Than A Live Auction?

Great question with lots of great answer:

Costs – Live auctions cost the seller from 20% to over 40% of the gavel price. Yes the buyer does pay the buyer’s premium, but the buyer simply discount it from their bid.
Fees – Live auctions charge for everything.  Event admission, listing submission, 5-15% seller’s premium, unloading, storage, damage waiver insurance, demerge.
Shipping – A virtual auction does not require the item to be shipped to the auction house.
Timing – A virtual auction lasts for 7- 21 days giving more people more time to engage in the process.
Buyer Pool – In addition to being open significantly longer than a live auction, a virtual auction is open to millions of potential buyers.  Not just those available for the 1-5 minutes your item is on the block.
Exposure – We are able to spread the word about your item. Our Media Blitz and King Ranch packages both advertise your auction to appropriate online outlets.

How Does The Process Work?

From the time of your initial submission, the listing process normally takes about two weeks.

To speed the process, please have all of your documents and pictures ready to submit and please please please, be as responsive as possible with your agent.
After you submit your item for listing, one of our seller’s agents will review your submission.
When we decide to list you item, your agent will collaborate with you to write a thorough and objective listing.
Once the listing is approved, it will be scheduled to go live.

What Can I Do To Get The Most Out Of My Listing?

We have found that sellers that do the following have the best outcome.

Take Great Pictures – More than any other single factor – GREAT pictures sell! And we actually decline some good vehicles due to poor pictures. Learn More Here
Be forthright – The market is more educated and savvy than most sellers anticipate. Trying to conceal issues will either adversely affect your sale price or end in an aborted sale.
Be Responsive – When buyers ask questions, they are interested. Always strike while the iron is hot and respond as quickly as possible.

What Is Needed To Submit My Vehicle?

Submitting your vehicle for consideration is very simple.   Submit Your Listing HereJust fill the form.Write description of the vehicle for the team to review. (Bullet points work well).Attach the following pictures to your submission:

2 or 3 good pictures of your item.
A picture of the VIN number.
A picture of the odometer.
A picture of the title.
A picture of the registrant’s ID.

Why Do You Charge For A Seller Reserve?

We charge a Seller’s Reserve of 1% of the initial reserve price. These are our thoughts about reserves:

A reasonable reserve can be important for sellers worried about protecting their investment on a limited market item.
We feel it is important to charge for a reserves to allow the seller to demonstrate a willingness to sell and not just “find the market” for their item.
We work with sellers to set realistic reserves. Since we began as a data company, we have information on tens of thousands of auctions and sales of rare, antique, and collectible vehicles to assist you in doing so.

Can I Lower Or Lift My Reserve?

As many seller’s watch their auction progress and find that their expectations may not in aligned with the reality of the market so they ask if the reserve price can be lowered. The simple answer is: Yes you can! The not as simple answer is:

Given the dynamics of the internet and working in a virtual environment, changes to reserve prices are not guaranteed in the final minutes of an auction, so be sure to your decision as early as possible, and remember, reserve prices are based on the initial reserve price.

Can I Edit Or End My Auction?

Editing your auction is possible by contacting your listing agent. Changes are added as an addendum to the bottom of the text to ensure that followers are aware of any changes.

What Happens After My Auction?

Once your auction has ended, Iron Age Auction’s role in the transaction ends. We will forward the seller’s and buyer’s contact information to both parties.
This is what should happen next:

The Seller should forward to the buyer a copy of the vehicle’s title, a signed bill of sale, and a picture of your ID.
The Buyer is then responsible for the collection and shipping of the vehicle in accordance with any stipulations laid out in the Terms & Conditions or the auction.
Upon collection of the vehicle, the seller should endorsed the title to transfer ownership.
The seller’s ID should be checked against the Title.
The buyer should provide the seller with an insurance endorsement for the vehicle.

What If There Is A Problem After The Sale?

It is tough to admit, but not all transactions go smoothly.  In the event that there is an issue, we will do everything possible to bring the transaction to a fair conclusion.  We can help to negotiate issues such as:

Compensation for new or unlisted damage.
Mechanical issues.
Material errors regarding numbers or build codes.
Vehicle not being collected in accordance with the auction terms.

Can I Relist My Item?

In order to keep our auctions fresh, we discourage relisting items for 60 days from the close of your auction.  In the event that your transaction is not completed, we will work with the seller to offer the item to the next bidder or relist the item for you.



7-Day Auction
Custom Written Listing
Online Support Agent
Reserve Lifting Service*



7-Day Auction
Custom Written Listing
Online Support Agent
Reserve Lifting Service*
Multi-channel Advertising Blitz



14-Day Auction
Custom Written Listing
Online Support Agent
Reserve Lifting Service*
Multi-channel Advertising Blitz
Personal Phone/Online Support
Featured Listing
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