1929-Harley-Davidson Peashooter Roadrace

1929-Harley-Davidson Peashooter Roadrace




1929 Harley-Davidson Peashooter TT Racer

When people think of Harley-Davidson “Peashooters”, board or cinder track racers with direct drive and no brakes usually spring to mind (as pictured left).  While there were thousands of board trackers built, we are happy to have uncovered one of only a few examples outfitted in Road Racer Trim.  That said, a Road Racer available in North America is even more rare given that the lions share were exported to Britain and Australia. 




A Harley-Davidson Road Race or “TT” model is easily distinguishable from the more prevalent Board Track model by the driveline.  First, the TT actually has the modern convenience of brakes with a drum in front and a band to the rear.  Second, the TT has the a three-speed hand shift transmission in contrast to the Board Tracker having direct drive via jackshaft.

Beyond the driveline, other distinctions between the two models is a springer front end, front fender, and longer handlebars to muscle her through the turns (see comparative photo).

The history of the bike is mainly lore at this point.  It was remembered by some as having been purchased to campaign through the 1930’s on the racing circuits around northern New England including the beaches of Old Orchard, Maine. It was researched but never determined if this example was factory prepared or race prepped by a privateer.

This bike was purchased in 2004 as a barn find.  The owner shared that the frame, engine, tanks, forks transmission are all original to the bike and that at some point it was upgraded to drop center wheels. A complete restoration took place over the next two years with no nut, bolt, or bearing left untouched. Every part on the bike was either restored, replaced with n.o.s. parts or handmade to the highest level where required.


To appreciate the level of craftsmanship put into this restoration, the owner states that all components were returned to exact factory specification; if a part was originally cadmium plated, it was sent to be cadmium plated. If the adjacent part was originally gold cadmium plated, it was sent to be gold-cad plated. The processes included, Cad plating, gold-cad plating, Parkerizing, black-oxide & bluing, soda blasting, vapor blasting, media tumbling, hard chrome plating, and decorative chrome plating.

The vehicle’s correct engine is an overhead-valve single cylinder that has 21c.u. inches (346cc) with magneto and hand pump valvetrain oil lever. The engine was meticulously restored with all parts correctly plated and painted to match the original factory specification. The bike starts effortlessly with a pleasant mechanical whirr and signature “Peashooter” exhaust note which gave the model its name. Please note that open loop oiling systems leave a very light mist of oil on the engines. First it lends protection and second, repeated cleaning would damage the finish.

Since completion, some 14 years ago, this masterpiece has rested at the owner’s home about an hour north of Boston in a temperature controlled environment and was last started 3 years ago prior to delivery to a display in a private museum for others to share a smile with.

With now well over a decade of display, some very light surface corrosion is apparent on the plated parts. (see photos) That said, the paint has definitely not suffered in any way.  The period correct color is truly a pleasure to both admire and photograph with its incredible depth.

The leatherwork on the seat and control cable guards is immaculate. The color is rich and flawless with no imperfections to speak of.

The owner was keen to point out that there is a scratch on the exhaust pipe from the kick starter which all examples will have if they were ever started, a bend / scrape on the bottom of the chain guard that occurred several years ago when loading in a trailer.  The pictures also show a blemish in the paint at the rear of the tank. This is not a bubble, it is instead the original factory seam where the bridge piece was gas welded to the left tank.  All of these items are well documented in the photographs.

Renowned collector Jay Leno has three criteria for collecting vehicles.  Only collect vehicles that are rare, are of historical or technological significance, and are pleasing to the eye. This example certainly checks all of those boxes quite easily. This is truly a special piece of history that will have no problem finding a happy new home.



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1929-Harley-Davidson Peashooter Roadrace

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